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Formerly known as just "The Headphone Hub," this blogs original intended purpose was to be a personal review site dedicated to reviewing purely headphones.  I expanded into reviewing not only headphones, but headphone amplifiers, speakers and general audio equipment.  I have now expanded the site further, and have begun to review consumer electronic products, such as computer peripherals, and other gadgets, hence the name "The PC Tech, Gadget, and Headphone Hub."

I also have a YouTube channel, which I will link down below that follows the same purpose as this blog, to review audio and consumer electronic products.  I frequently include links to my YouTube videos at the bottom of my written reviews.  The YouTube channel is fairly new, and I don't have the best recording equipment, for the best (and most concise) reviews, I still recommend reading my written reviews.  I will also occasionally post a slightly off-topic opinion article or otherwise.

I manage various Facebook pages, one of which is somewhat hilariously called "Beats by Dre Suck," Facebook wouldn't allow me to change the name to something a bit less inflammatory, unfortunately (I made this page several years ago).  The other two are "PC Tech, Gadget, and Headphone Hub," and "Audiotopia."  Be sure to check out the YouTube channel, and give one of the Facebook pages a like.

Thanks for coming to my site, I hope that my reviews and posts are helpful and informative! Be sure to leave a comment below my posts if you have one.

Public contact email: realaudioarmy13@gmail.com

About YouTube channel:

Legal disclaimer: This is an independent review site, and is not affiliated with any company, business,  or organization.  All articles are written by me, I am the sole author and writer of this blog.  I do not sell products on this site, I merely review them.  Product links are posted down below at the end of reviews so that readers can easily get to the sites where the product is sold.  I do not make any money from linking the product pages, nor do I receive a "kickback" from the companies who's products I link.

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